Automated Marketing Matters- Here’s 4 Reasons Why


Marketing teams are the creative hub of a company. So understandably, there are some marketing professionals who are resistent to the idea of automating their marketing strategy.

But automating your marketing plan doesn’t have to mean taking out the creative element behind the campaign.

Here are 4 reasons your team should consider automating their marketing strategy.

1. It frees up time

By automating when your ads are up on social media, when your email campaigns are going out, and how clients are being set on a sales journey, it frees up your team to focus on the bigger picture. By saving your vauable time on tasks that can now be done through marketing software, your team can turn their attention to the ideas behind the ads.

2. It keeps your brand consistent

Automating marketing makes it easier to keep a consistent message across all platforms. With marketing automation software, you can see all of your content in one place and ensure it all lines up. With a product like Lead Onion, you can also build your brand guide through Canva, and keep a clean look and colour scheme. No matter where you’re posting, automating your marketing makes it easy to keep consistent.

3. Keeps in touch with consumers

It’s easy to lose track of a social media schedule. Let’s face it- writing it down in your diary isn’t as effective as a virtual planner. We’ve all missed a customer inquiry or lost out on a potential client due to advertising oversights.

But with automated marketing, you can make sure your team is always on top of their inboxes. Keeping their email campaigns and blog posts on schedule will be easy with a marketing software that publishes on its own. And the more consistent your timing, the more potential customers will remember your product.

4. Pursue consumers likely to use your product

What’s the biggest advantage of using a marketing software like Lead Onion? Not only is your marketing self-timing, consitent, and on-brand, but it also puts your content in fron of the most likely personas who will engage with it. More and more marketers are relying on buyer intent data and automated marketing journeys to find consumers that are exactly the type of buyer they’re looking for. Why waste time and money on ads that never find the right people?

Don’t let your team fall behind the curve. Make the switch to automate your marketing software now!

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