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[Blog Post Title]


Start with a short, snappy, to the point title which clearly indicates what the blog is about, no guesswork. 



Create an opening paragraph into your blog post around 100-200 words. Keep in mind that most customers skim this and should be able retrieve the answer to their question quickly. This will also set the expectation to the blog content. 


You should highlight:
  – What the blog is about. 
  – Keep it factual – Why are these the top 10 tips?


Tip: Include the keyword in the introduction for SEO. 


Main Body

A key point to remember in a list format blog is that the majority of the readers want the answer almost immediately, infact, yesterday. They do not have the time to read pages upon pages of content. 


You may want to begin with an opening paragraph discussing the importance of the topic in discussion before delving into your list 


e.g “Why use social media?”

“12%+ rise in active social media users (We Are Social, 2020). 


The aim of a list blog is quality, not quantity. You should condense vast content into smaller, digestible chunks, which often tend to be more memorable and instruct the user on how to carry out the task in mind. 


Your list should also be numbered in a logical order. For example, if the blog post is surrounding 5 tips with creating a successful Facebook post, make point 1 the first actionable task in creating the post. 


Note: If you have stated “10 top tips…” in your title, make sure to number the tips within your blog post. This is a simple rule of thumb but beneficial from your user experience. They may share your blog across their team; “Check out tip number 4”. 



– Top 10 Instagram Story tips for SMEs. 
– 5 Ways to increase your website traffic through email marketing. 
– 8 Mistakes commonly made in Google Ads.
– The best Christmas Facebook campaigns of 2019. 



The aim of the closing paragraph is to create a summary of what you have discussed/what the reader has learnt and highlight some key takeaways for them. This can be done in bullet point format as this tends to be easily remembered. 



To complete your blog post, you should place a call-to-action at the bottom to capture leads and generate engagement. This could be simply a gated piece of content such as a “how to” instructional ebook which is more in depth than the blog post or a sign up to a webinar demonstration of your product or service. 

Take a look at our 10 secrest guide. 

10 Secrets Guide


– Are you list points a digestible length?
– Have you proofread your content to ensure there are no spelling or factual errors?
– Have you included videos or imagery?
– Did you state “10 tips” in your title? Make sure to number the tips in your blog 1-10, and make sure there are the stated number. 
– Have you assigned an author and keywords?
– Added Alt text to images?
– Have you linked throughout the blog to other areas of your website or other blog posts which may be useful?
– Added your blog post to a category?

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