How do Zymplify’s prospecting intent tools actually work?


So you’ve heard all about what Buyer Intent is and how it will affect your business for the better (if you need a reminder, read about it here.) But how does it actually work? What tools will you use to acquire this essential information? Zymplify’s platform uses 5 simple tools to collect this data. 


  1. LinkedIn Prospector


With over 500 million business professionals on LinkedIn and 100 million active daily users, including 40 million of those are in decision-making roles, LinkedIn is a valuable source for finding your prospects. 


Linkedin Prospector turns your Linkedin into a keys piece of sales 

With our LinkedIn Prospector tool, you can turn your LinkedIn into a daily stream of new leads by creating a targeted Sales Navigator search for your ideal prospect type. Our engine extracts relevant LinkedIn profiles at scale and automatically sources enriched B2B contact information, including business emails addresses, job titles, seniority, department, business telephone numbers and company firmographic data. 


Once you have your prospect matches, you can import your search results into your Lead Onion database, meaning no more manually combing LinkedIn one contact at a time and no more manually updating spreadsheets. We do the work for you.


  1. Intent Signals


Our high-performance engine will research your industry and keep tabs on the prospects who are ready to buy. Our system will track triggers, including prospect engagement with competitors, engagement with industry topics and keywords or their attendance at trade shows and industry events. 


Our software will sweep these signals up and deliver them straight to your dashboard as complete B2B contact records, including email, title and contact numbers.


Our algorithm will also track the changes in company departments, so you have your eye on company growth or losses.


  1. Domain Prospector 


Our Domain Prospector is the tool which can expedite your contact profiling by targeting the companies you know would respond to your product offering. 


When it comes to B2B, you need to speak to the right contact who calls the shots on what products do or don’t get purchased. Using our Domain Prospector, your database will be padded out with the details you need.


When you upload a list of companies into our software and set up a target persona, we reveal all the relevant contact information for key decision makers and influencers within their companies.


  1. Website Intent 


Your website is your digital shop front, so it’s a great sign when your site visits and pages clicked are totalling up. But with Lead Onion, we take those numbers a step further. 


Our Website Intent engine turns anonymous web traffic into sales opportunities by revealing the leads already present and active on your website. 


With Lead Onion, we reveal the companies and key decision-makers visiting your website and turn their visits into contact logs, complete with B2B contact data, including names, job titles and addresses.  


  1. G2 Intent


Our G2 Intent engine enhances your second-party data by making your G2 data operational and turning engaged and relevant prospects into B2B contact data.


With Lead Onion, you can combine a G2 profile to help you discover prospects who are actively searching your industry or your competitors in real time. You’re able to respond as and when your prospects are researching across multiple channels and deliver them straight into your buyer intent database as high-quality leads.


Using Lead Onion intent data, prospects will pour into your funnel at volume so the rate of your conversion increases, your sales cycle shortens, and the quality of your leads is higher. Unlike static data lists, our buyer intent data is current, up-to-date and showing the prospects who are engaged right now. And who can say no to high-quality, high-volume prospecting data?

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

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