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Capture the Cyber Security market with Intent Data


We analyzed intent signals from April 2022 to predict which companies are likely to be in market for a cyber security solution in Q2.

Download the guide to see which companies your sales team should be talking to.

Lead Onion Cyber Security Report
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Capture the Cyber Security market with Intent Data


See which companies are;

  • Engaging with Cyber's top 20 vendors 
  • Hiring key security & technology positions
  • Researching topics like Endpoint Detection, Response & Multi-Factor Authentication 
Lead Onion Cyber Security Intent Report

Intent Data that converts. Contact Data that delivers.

Lead Onion Cyber Security Intent Report

How will this report help me and my business?


✅ Give you an insight into Buyer Intent data.

✅ Gain up to date insights into the Cyber Security industry.

✅ Learn key findings from industry specific Intent Data results across all sources.

✅ Learn about the 17 different sources Lead Onion uses to capture intent signals. 


Learn about a data driven sales strategy today!


Who is this report for?


The pressure is on to deliver high-performing sales strategies. But we all know, cold, static, and outdated lists of data don’t excel.


Learn how you can: 

  1. Hit your sales targets faster with our intent driven data.
  2. Reach prospects at scale with automated cadences.
  3. Track all your interactions with prospects.
Lead Onion Cyber Security Intent Report
Lead Onion Cyber Security Intent Report

What's inside this report?


✅ What is intent data?

✅ How does it work?

✅ Key findings from Cyber Security industry intent data results

✅ How you can use intent data to power your pipeline


It is time to give your sales team the helping hand they need to smash their targets with intent data! 


Find your next prospect fast


Request a personalized data sample to discover your total addressable market and witness the power of our intent tools.


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