Best Practices for Data Driven Sales Strategies

In today’s data-rich B2B landscape, it is easier to access data on your buyers than ever before. From your own first-party data, which your organization collects in-house to second and third-party data provided by external sources, the insights you can collect are limitless. B2B decision-maker preferences and behaviors have shifted dramatically in recent years with […]

6 Benefits of First Party Intent Data

Benefits Of First Party Intent Data Most of today’s businesses are collecting some form of data on their customers and prospects. The key differentiator between most businesses and smart businesses are those that maximize and leverage the data they are collecting, putting it to use to help inform intelligent lead capture strategies. Here are 6 of […]

How To Leverage First Party Intent To Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Modern marketers and sales professionals understand the value of capturing and using data effectively to grow and strengthen their sales pipeline. Today, businesses collect, interpret, and analyze a wide range of data, from both current customers and prospects, and put it to work to make informed strategic marketing and sales decisions. This includes data such […]

Interpreting Buyer Intent Data for Prospect Scoring

Once you’ve subscribed to a Buyer Intent engine and data begins filling your dashboard, it’s knowing how to interpret it that will prepare you for making a strategy. With only 46% of sales professionals using data insights to gauge when a customer is ready to buy, there’s an opportunity to use your data to your […]

Revenue Marketing: Breaking Down Sales and Marketing Silos for Increased Revenue & ROI

Since the beginning of time (ish), Marketing and Sales cross team relations have been a little strained. This historically testy relationship stems from both cultural and economic misalignment. The benefit of syncing these two powerful teams, not least in terms of ROI, is often overlooked. According to Philip Kotler et al, “When sales are disappointing, […]

Optimize your Content Marketing Strategy with Buyer Intent Signals

Is your content marketing data driven and market intelligent yet? Are you getting in front of the right audience, but your timing is off? Intent data is highly beneficial for content marketing teams, informing content development and distribution efforts at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Appeal to “ready-to-buy” prospects Buyer Intent Data, put simply, […]