Intent-Driven Sales Enablement

Activate Buyer-Intent Data with 18 powerful intent sources at your fingertips. Quickly identify in-market companies and key decision makers. Prioritize ready-to-buy sales leads and Connect with in-market buyers in minutes.

The most comprehensive data solution for sales and marketing

Use 18 Sources of Intent to
find and convert your next customer

The only intent data platform to provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd party intent data in a single platform with a cross channel view of your hottest leads
Identify your next customer in minutes, take the guesswork out of prospecting and let us tell you the companies that are ready to buy now.

Operationalize Intent with
Compliant B2B Contact Data

400 Million

Business Profiles

Covering everything B2B from small to mid-market to enterprise. Offering complete coverage and 100% compliant B2B data.

50 Billion

Content Signals

Monitors Intent Topics and provides additional layers of intent by highlighting high-value content consumption across over 5k sites.

20 Million

Intent Signals

Monitor competitors, keywords, corporate events, job postings & company growth signals for a broad intent coverage.

5 Thousand

B2B Content Sites

Comprehensive coverage across all the major B2B Content Sites.

117 Million

Contact Profiles

Identify the exact person downloading industry relevant content from our partners site. 

55 Million

European Profiles

The leading, strongest European dataset in the industry.

20 Million

Direct Dials

Coverage across Europe and the United States.

4.2 Million

In-Market Accounts

Identify companies who are currently in buying mode.

21 Thousand

Technologies Mapped

Smarter targeting enabled for smarter prospecting.

500 Thousand

Content Assets

Content including guides, eBooks and white papers in the library of downloads.

We help you scale and keep you compliant

Lead Onion is fully compliant with the most robust international data regulations. Our company level intent data is sourced only from Public and Verified Sources. Our B2B contact data is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant and is sourced from only the most accurate and compliant suppliers on the market. Lead Onion (Zymplify Limited) is ISO27001 accredited,  download our certificate here. Get access to verified emails, direct dials and mobile numbers for your target persona today.

Data you can trust!

The best B2B data platform in the market! Identify more in-market accounts. Prioritize the hottest leads. Connect and convert in record time.