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Tap into Lead Onion’s 100% compliant B2B Contact Database to source candidates in minutes and connect quickly with automation.

Lead Onion for Recruiters

Are your team using a multi-channel recruitment approach? Combine LinkedIn with accurate and compliant contact data and let Lead Onion fill your pipeline fast. Our unique solution gives your recruitment team the tools they need to identify and connect with high quality candidates at scale. Build targeted lists from our database of over 400 Million business professionals and filter based on current job roles, seniority, department and even skills.

How Recruitment Agencies are winning more business with Buyer Intent

Is your Recruitment Agency struggling to scale? Are you competing with multiple vendors for every open opportunity? You need Lead Onion. Lead Onion’s buyer intent engine can identify which companies have roles to fill so you can save time scrolling through Job Boards looking for your next customer. Through Lead Onion’s intent data you can identify not only companies that are hiring now but those that are scaling up and will be hiring in future, giving your business development an edge over your competitors.

Lead Onion also gives your Recruiters the tools they need to find candidates at scale, manage their recruitment flow through automation and place more candidates successfully.

Use our Intent Tools to identify your next recruitment client today. Let us tell you which companies are hiring now and which companies are showing strong growth signals.

Identify companies with positions to fill right now:

As a Recruitment Manager you will have visibility on how productive your recruitment team is

Using Lead Onion, Recruitment Managers can ensure that their team has an abundance of candidates to interact with and through automation your team can free up time to have more meaningful conversations.

With Lead Onion’s cadences you can:

Source candidates in minutes

See how Lead Onion helps Businesses and Recruitment Agencies source candidates in minutes and connect quickly with automation.