Intent Data that converts
Contact Data that delivers

Activate 17 sources of Intent data and leverage our B2B Contact Database to reach the right prospect at the right time

Scale Your Sales Faster with 3 powerful tools

Are manual research and sales processes slowing down your sales team? You need Lead Onion - the Intent-Driven Sales Engagement Platform that finds your total addressable market in seconds, connects you with them in minutes and only ever charges you for the leads you choose to reveal.

Identify with Intent

Pain free prospecting

Forget static lead lists, stale data, and manual research. Find fresh new opportunities faster, with compliant B2B buyer-intent data that’s updated in real time. Build and segment lead lists that match your target buyer persona – in seconds and only ever pay for the leads you want to reveal.

Prioritize with Intent Surge

Hit your numbers with
insight-driven intelligence

Smash your sales targets month after month with advanced lead intelligence. We combine B2B intelligence with company contact data in one seamless platform to highlight your hottest leads based on what’s happening within your addressable market.

Connect immediately with Cadences

Reach buyers faster

Send your prospects to your tech stack or better still use our inbuilt cadences to reach your buyers faster. Arm your BDR teams with pain free prospecting tools, give sales teams more talk time with your hottest leads and delight your CEO with more deals won.


Have you found the sweet spot in your prospecting?

Learn from your succeses with the Lead Onion Lookalike tools. Upload your victories and we will work the magic to give you Lookalike contacts and companies you can feed your sales team with! Say goodbye to wrong-fit prospects.

Lead generation software for SMBs and the agencies that serve them

Whether you are a marketer responsible for delivering hot leads to sales, a sales leader who is responsible for growing revenue at scale or a recruiter looking for your next hot hire we provide you with the tools and intelligence to Identify, Target and Connect faster with your target audience.


Identify, prioritize and connect with more leads to drive revenue at scale.


Find fresh in-market leads daily to fill your sales funnel fast.


Powerful Intent Tools to identify your next hot hire or recruitment client.

See how Lead Onion works

Find your next prospect fast

Book a live demo to discover your total addressable market in seconds and witness the power of our intent tools in real time.

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