3 Benefits of Precision Prospecting

At Lead Onion, we believe the rate of success you see is dependent on the quality of data you use. The world of data goes to pluto and beyond, but not all data is equal or accurate. Employees move jobs, emails become outdated, companies merge and telephone numbers become redudant. If you're chasing those old, […]

How Setting up Your Lead Onion Workbench can Help Generate SUCCESS

How Setting up Your Lead Onion Workbench can Help Generate SUCCESS   Introduction We created the workbench feature within Lead Onion to provide an overall view of how aspects within the platform are working and performing for your business.  The workbench area of the platform allows you to set up a work area that is […]

How to Find the Ideal Customer

Locating the person most likely to buy your product or service at a specific time can be a tricky but always worthwhile endeavour. Pitching a carefully crafted marketing message or sales communication to the right individuals can turn high engagement rates to sales – fast. In How to Find your Ideal Customer we will look […]

Does Data Decay Really Matter?

Does Data Decay Really Matter

What is Data Decay? Data Decay refers to the degradation in the quality and accuracy of data. Essentially what was once accurate data is now seen as old, low quality. For example, the newspaper on your kitchen table from last Saturday, old and outdated news. Or the tin of beans dated last month, past their […]

Precision Data for Every Step of Demand Generation

Many sales strategies are still based on gut instinct and acumen but there comes a point where a company must start using precise data to drive its decision making. With precision data to direct your prospecting, chasing cold leads and spending endless hours on finding contacts will become a thing of the past. The increasing […]

How Do Cadences Work for Sales Teams?

Regardless of the number of qualified leads flowing into your sales pipeline, if you don’t have strategic outreach mapped for your sales team to get ready to pounce on your sales opportunities, then the chances of achieving repeatable results at scale are reduced. Let’s set the scene, you’re working in sales with 100 leads to […]

Intent Data is More than a Marketing and Sales Tool

Why Intent Data is more than a Marketing and Sales Tool Intent data has embedded itself as a core sales and marketing tool. According to Gartner, 70% of companies will be using intent data by 2022. But despite the adoption of Intent data, the use cases are still only scratching the surface. Most marketing teams […]

Developing a Data Driven Sales Strategy

Developing a Data-Driven Sales Strategy   Data informs nearly every aspect of how businesses operate today and is becoming an essential asset for sales processes too. Times are changing. B2B decision-maker preferences and behaviors have shifted dramatically in recent years. With the digital transformation, alongside the global pandemic, 80% of B2B buyers are now expecting […]

5 Sales Tools Your Team Needs in 2022

5 Sales Tools Your Team Needs in 2022 Effective sales teams function like a well-oiled machine and like any machine, how well it works is down to how efficient and productive each component is. If one piece of your sales machine isn't working, then the entire sales process is impacted. 67% of sales teams today […]

Unlock the 10 Secrets to Buyer Intent Marketing

The B2B marketing and sales world is ever-transforming and evolving. Which was once driven by inbound marketing and a one size fits all sales strategy, is now the survival of the fittest and requires a more thorough and personalized approach. If you don’t up your game to get in front of the right prospects, at […]