3 Benefits of Precision Prospecting

At Lead Onion, we believe the rate of success you see is dependent on the quality of data you use.

The world of data goes to pluto and beyond, but not all data is equal or accurate. Employees move jobs, emails become outdated, companies merge and telephone numbers become redudant. If you're chasing those old, outdated emails, there's not really much room for success. Is there?

So let's get into precision prospecting

Being able to predict and understand the intention of your prospects is one of the single most important things a marketing or sales team can do in order to secure more leads and close a higher number of deals.

In today’s economic landscape the need to create a more efficient sales and marketing funnel is uniting many sales and marketing departments, encouraging and cultivating cultures of collaboration within workplaces.

Collecting, reporting and analysing data is a big part of this shift allowing both sales and marketing directors alike to map out the buying journey of their prospects, determine where that lead is within the funnel and serve the right information at the right time.

    So why must you ensure you're prospecting is precise, targeting the right people, at the right time, via the right channel?

    1. Save Time

    Find your ideal customers and in-market target accounts in seconds. Use our advanced search filters to quickly create laser-targeted prospect lists and easily calculate your Total Addressable Market.

    Differentiate between those who desire your product (Serviceable Addressable Market) versus those who have an intent to purchase (Serviceable Obtainable Market) using our 1st, 2nd and 3rd party intent tools and automatically prioritize which prospects to focus your efforts on using Surge.


    2. Save Money

    Free up sales to focus more of their time on actual revenue generating tasks.

    Automate your one-to-many and one-to-one outreach at scale by sending your prospects to cadences, sales pipelines or to HubSpot and Salesforce via our integrations.


    3. Scale Fast 

    Create and automate follow up tasks. Seamlessly add your prospects to the relevant lead nurturing campaigns via our integrations, add them to sales cadences depending on their level of intent and create conditions to send hot prospects directly to your pipeline.


    Quickly and easily grab contact information, send personalized emails and LinkedIn messages, create and automate follow up tasks within our sell area. 

    Our 10 powerful Precision Prospecting tools help B2B organisations gain GDPR compliant, precise data, grow at scale by automating time consuming, repetitive prospecting tasks and free sales teams to focus their time on revenue generating tasks, like closing deals. 

    • Contact Search
    • Intent Signals 
    • Topic Intent
    • G2 Intent
    • Website Intent
    • Domain Look Up 
    • LinkedIn Look Up
    • Lookalike Contact Search
    • Lookalike Intent Audience 
    • Watchlist

    Want to learn more about our 10 precision prospecting tools? Download our guide to find out more! 

    Unlock the 10 Secrets of Buyer Intent Marketing

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