How To Fill Your Funnel with Fresh Leads Daily

For many businesses the ability to generate leads and prospect at scale is vital to their survival. 

Gone are the days when buying lists of contacts for five and six figure sums was the only solution. Today, that approach simply doesn’t work. By the time your sales team begins interrogating these lists much of the data will be out of date and unusable resulting in wasted time, reduced productivity and a drop in staff morale. 

What if you could identify targeted prospects quicker, close deals faster and ultimately increase your team’s ability to hit their targets? 

Michael Green, Chief Operating Officer at Lead Onion said:

 “Getting access to up to the minute, current and working contacts is vital for our clients.That’s why we developed our Contact Search tool. Our clients have access to 400m business profiles of which 55m are European profiles – and 100% compliant.”

So what does that mean to marketing and sales teams? 

Through the Lead Onion dashboard users can create separate searches for each new campaign, product or service for a variety of different personas that can be pre-programmed into the system. 

Once programmed the platform will search and gather contacts ready to be revealed and added to your unique CRM system. 

Not just that, once the data is collected users can use Lead Onion to begin the work of analysing Buyer Intent signals in order to better qualify their prospects. 

“If you need to target operations managers in Boston our system will let you do that. If you want to avoid tedious manual research and get quality leads delivered daily, our user-friendly interface is equipped with a wide range of filtering tools to allow for specific criteria tailored to your needs.” – Michael Green

How does the Contact Search tool work? 

This powerful tool gives you unprecedented access to over 400m global GDPR and Data Protection compliant B2B profiles.

Lead Onion Contact Search

Complete with the most up to date email addresses and phone numbers to key decision-makers within your chosen organisation the powerful search engine will reduce prospecting time, accelerate sales and your marketing efforts.

You can search as niche or as broad as you wish!

When searching by contact you can specify: 

  • Job title
  • Senority
  • Location
  • Demographic details
  • And even by their LinkedIn Profile if you want a specific contacts details.

When conducting a company-specific search, you can filter by: 

  • Company size 
  • Revenue 
  • Relevant technology or 
  • Industry 

Once you’ve finalised your criteria, simply hit search and your dashboard will be filled with a list of relevant prospects that match your specifications.

Using your credits you can then reveal their business contacts, such as email addresses and phone numbers. 

After revealing the fully compliant email addresses and phone numbers you can store these details in your prospecting profile with unlimited contact storage as part of your subscription. 

All revealed information is guaranteed to be Globally Compliant B2B Contact Data and ISO 27001 accredited.

You can then use the data along with one of our many integrations and sales tools to send those prospects on their merry nurturing journey!

Lead Onion Integrations

Lead Onion gives you a 100% Money Back Guarantee in the form of credits on email deliverability to ensure you get quality, valid leads. 

Are you ready to supercharge your prospecting? 

Download our guide The 10 Secrets Of Mastering Buyer Intent Marketing and find out how you can: 

✅ Save time 

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✅ Scale fast and 

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