Stop Relying On Inbound Leads, Start Prospecting Fast Now

Imagine If You Had Too Many Prospects In Your Funnel?

There’s no worse feeling for any marketer than spending countless hours, money and effort into creating a dynamite campaign that doesn’t produce results.

And by results, we’re not talking about the superficial ones that give a small hope you’re  doing something right. We’re talking about the big ones: prospects, leads and profit. 

No matter how high your reach, engagement or views, if your content isn’t persuasive enough to hook prospects into your funnel for the long term, then what’s the point?

Don’t get us wrong, inbound marketing can be an important method. But it’s not the only one.

Let’s face it: what was cutting edge ten years ago isn’t enough to stand on its own in your marketing toolkit any longer. If you’re still relying on inbound leads, you’re leaving money on the table. 

We hate to break it to you, but it’s time to diversify. There’s another fix to generate leads faster.  

The Power of Outbound 

Regardless of company size or location, marketers across the globe are constantly searching for methods to generate more highly-targeted, qualified leads. After all, super-qualified leads result in greater sales.  

This is where outbound can play its part. And it can be a huge one.

First off – don’t believe the hype. Outbound isn’t dead. From cold calling to outdated data lists, it’s fair to say that outbound has received its fair share of bad rep over the years. Yet outbound prospecting still remains a crucial component of an effective marketing strategy. 

At Lead Onion, we’re proud to be revolutionising the world of outbound prospecting. Our data-driven, prospect automation is the secret to attracting new customers and supercharging your qualified lead generation. 

From our LinkedIn Look Up tool to our Intent Signals technology, our platform uniquely brings together 1st, 2nd and 3rd party intent under one solution, by turning anonymous IP data into actionable leads.

In simplified terms: we do hard work. You reap the benefits.

Lead Onion not only finds your perfect prospects, but identifies the ones you didn’t know you had and who – right now – are searching for your product or service.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts 

Thanks to Lead Onion, your sales and marketing funnel is loaded with high-quality prospects at every stage of your buyer’s journey. With all this information at your fingertips, your team can use this knowledge to create stronger, better targeted and personalised campaigns.

But not only that! The knock-on effect is felt company-wide. The leads funnelling their way to the sales department are highly qualified ones, who know your business and ready to talk!

Lead Onion ensures marketers are making faster, smarter decisions.

Get in front of the right people, at the right time, exactly when they’re looking to buy. 

If you’re struggling to generate leads or get in front of the right buyer persona, Lead Onion can help.

Learn more about a Data Driven Sales Strategy today. 

Lead Onion Data Driven Sales Strategy


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