Turn Anonymous Website Visitors Into Hot Leads

It may be no surprise to you that when someone is researching a product or service, their first stop to find more information is the vendors website.

In fact, 40% of B2B buyers say vendor websites are one of their 1st 3 resources to visit for information about a solution they were considering for purchase and 56% of B2B buyers rely on getting content through vendor websites, rather than through social media. (Marketingcharts)

Put yourself in the shoes of an in-market buyer, chances are you will search for the product or service in a search engine and find yourself landing on their website, browsing their content and resources. Or maybe even schedule a meeting.

Whilst you are carrying out these actions on a website, traces are being left outlining your interest and behaviors but if the vendor hasn't implemented the right tools, they are blind to this data.

Vendor websites are one of the most used engagement channels for B2B buyers for both comparing and purchasing products or services (Marketo).

Traditional website insight tools can provide you with general information to measure the traffic such as:

  • Number of visitors.
  • The current number of active users.
  • Traffic source.
  • Geographic location of visitors.
  • The pages the users visit.

However, these insights lack specificity.

To be able to reach visitors with targeted and personalized outreach, you need more in-depth insights. 

How does Lead Onion Transform the Website Visitor Landscape?

Imagine your website was a high street or corner shop. You can see each person who enters the door of your shop. But you are blind-sighted by those visiting your website, unless using a tool like Lead Onion.

Website Intent

Lead Onion's website intent tool gives you access to key information to help your sales team convert more, and at scale. The barrier you have always come up against; 'Who is visiting my site?' is no longer a barrier, and is now a driver to success. At the click of a button, you will have access to the companies visiting your website. And not only that, but with Lead Onion's Target Persona tool, you can reveal contact level data of those who are key contacts within those companies.

Companies who are actively on your website + GDPR compliant contact level data at the click of a button = It's a no brainer.

Lead Onion Website Intent Platform Tool

Gaining valuable insights into on-site behaviors is gold dust and allows you to tailor your outreach and marketing content to their interests, creating a personalized approach to help you to fuel your sales cycle with hot prospects and close deals faster! It's a win-win all round!

“With Lead Onion's Website Intent tool you’ll have the power to identify your anonymous website visitors and deliver sales-ready leads to your team. Plus, your sales team will be able to access the data, insight and essential contact information they need to close the deal.”

Michael Green, Chief Operating Officer of Lead Onion

How to Scale Fast with Lead Onion's Website Intent Tool:

  • Access 400 million business profiles covering everything B2B from small to mid-market to enterprise, complete coverage and 100% compliant B2B data
  • Track visitors to your website with a unique tracking code
  • Reveal contact information from businesses that visit your website 
  • Access the names, job titles and email addresses to key contacts
  • Define your own criteria of what constitutes a high-value lead 
  • Automate the process of nurturing these leads until they are sales-ready

Fill your prospects funnel with quality, hot leads who are actively looking at your website and researching your product.

Are you ready to supercharge your prospecting?

Download our guide The 10 Secrets Of Buyer Intent Marketing and find out how you can:

✅ Save time.
✅ Save money.
✅ Scale fast.
✅ Sell more.

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