Unlock the 10 Secrets to Buyer Intent Marketing

The B2B marketing and sales world is ever-transforming and evolving. Which was once driven by inbound marketing and a one size fits all sales strategy, is now the survival of the fittest and requires a more thorough and personalized approach.

If you don’t up your game to get in front of the right prospects, at the right stage in the buyer’s journey, then your competitors will.

Either step up or step aside. But believe it or not, it takes no genius, the think smarter not harder ideology can be applied here.

If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you need a marketing and sales helping hand, and are intrigued by the potential of the Buyer Intent data world?

Let’s go back to basics…

What is Intent Data?

Buyer intent is data that indicates the purchasing intentions of your potential customers.

By using buyer intent data, you are able to scope out the signals given off by your ideal prospects so you can understand how actively they are engaging with your product or service online.

Where does the data come from?

How buyer intent data is collected has to do with its sources.

These are broken down into three categories: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data.

Previously, Buyer Intent data came largely from 1st party data. But in recent years and with the evolution of the digital transformation, this has been extended to 2nd and 3rd.

Here is a breakdown of each:

1st Party:

The data you’re directly in control of and have direct access to, such as your website visits, interactions with your customers across social media or email, and offline interactions like attendance at industry events or tradeshows.

2nd Party:

This is the first-party data collected, analyzed and sold by another company, such as review sites, like G2 (a premier technology review site). Whilst these insights are still beneficial it tends to be at company level, making operationalizing the data difficult. 

3rd Party:

Collected from activities outside of your owned digital properties, such as keyword and topic mentions, user reviews and competitor mentions on external sources such as Blogs, B2B publishers, Forums, business or technology-focused online communities, and Public data from social media networks, i.e. LinkedIn.

Why do you need it?

Did you know 89% of B2B researchers are using the internet during the B2B research process?

Are you using this to your advantage? Chances are that you aren’t…

This is a huge amount of data left behind the actions of your potential target market. Instead of buying cold, static lists of outdated data, by implementing buyer intent you can be alerted when prospects of your target persona engage with specific keywords, events, topics and much more, within the parameters of your criteria.

Infact, according to Accenture, most B2B buyers are already 57% of the way through the buying process before the first meeting with a representative.

Why is this? Well, it could be for a number of reasons, but one being that the vendor isn’t aware of these in-market buyers.

And that is where Lead Onion comes in.

Imagine having the ability to:

✅ Track the digital behaviors of your key target personas when they are in-market

✅ Engage with tailored outreach

✅ Prioritize the hottest accounts

✅ Learn from your successes

✅ And do it all before your competitors?

Well, now you can.

How can Lead Onion help me?

With Lead Onion, you can fill your funnel with leads at every layer of intent via 10 tools, and 17 sources.

By configuring your target personas, the system will automatically drop intent-driven prospects directly into your marketing and sales funnels – at scale.

1 platform, 10 tools, endless opportunities. Music to your ears?

The tools:


1. Contact Search –  Search and find companies and contacts based on specific firmographic, technographic and persona criteria.

Contact Search gives you unprecedented access to over 400m global GDPR and Data Protection compliant B2B profiles. Complete with the most up-to-date email addresses and phone numbers to key decision-makers. If you want to avoid tedious manual research, contact search will provide you with quality prospects at scale, at the click of a button.

Lead Onion Contact Search


2. Intent Signals – Search and find social and public data that indicates the purchasing intentions of your target audience. Track criteria such as specific keywords, competitive engagements, events, growth signals, technologies and much more.

3. Topic Intent – Monitor increased content consumption by your target audience on topics of interest.

4. G2 Intent – Turn company-level G2 Intent data into valuable contact information

5. Website Intent – Turn your website into a visible shop front. Gaining traction to your website? Great, but who are they? Identify who is visiting your website and when.

At this point, you must be hooked on the idea…

Lead Onion Intent Tools

Look Up

6. Domain Lookup – Turn your list of domains into up to date email addresses and phone numbers It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. The chances are you probably have a CSV file of target domains kicking around in your documents folder. Upload it to Lead Onion and within minutes you will have contact level data for your target personas within those companies.

7. LinkedIn Lookup – Automatically turn profile pages into usable contact level information.

With over 750m users on the networking site, LinkedIn is the first stop for any sales team when prospecting. Hosting accounts for 63m decision makers it is a must for B2B prospecting. You give us the PURL (profile URL) and we will give you the GDPR-compliant email address.

Lead Onion Domain Look Up Tool


8. Lookalike Search – Automatically generate a contact search based on your current customer list, see how much penetration you have in your Total Addressable Market. 

9. Lookalike Intent – Automatically find companies showing intent who look like your current customers and filter to see companies who are showing similar intent.

What better way to fill your funnel, than to fill it with prospects who match your existing customer base?

Let us know who they are and we will analyze the data, derive the firmographic properties of your list and will create a bespoke Lookalike Search that shows you companies who look like your seed audience so you can get targeted contact level data at the click of a button.

Lead Onion Lookalike Tool


10. Watchlist – Upload your key ABM target accounts to seamlessly track and monitor their buyer intent signals in real-time. Click here to see the feature in action!. Have your team keep their eyes on your target accounts, in real time. You can then use the Surge feature to prioritize in-market accounts!

Lead Onion Watchlist Tool

What happens next?

Not only are the 10 Secrets your helping hand when it comes to prospecting, but what you do after building your database of contact level data is key.

With Lead Onion, you can seamlessly integrate the data into your targeted marketing and sales strategy through our cadences, or if you already have a MarTech solution in place, via our integrations.

Let’s see the platform in action:

“Lead Onion takes the guesswork out of prospecting and shows you companies who are not only showing intent in one channel but across the full funnel. Your sales team can see at a glance where a particular account is in the buying cycle and our high-quality email data allows them to engage with your target decision-makers quickly, close more and close faster with Lead Onion” – Michael Green, COO.


When it comes to B2B marketing and sales, the success of your campaigns hinges heavily on the quality of your data and how you use it.

If you’re chasing prospects via cold, static lists then the chances of success are relatively low and your sales teams will spend more time hoping for magic than closing deals.

Not only that, but paying for lists of data, whether the deal closes or not is a drain on any business’ resources. With Lead Onion you have full transparency over your finances, pay for leads not licenses.

Does it all sound familiar?

It is time to consider a data-driven sales strategy. And there is no better way for implementation, than through Lead Onion.

It’s time to automatically drop intent-driven prospects directly into your marketing and sales funnels – at scale.

Unlock the 10 Secrets of Buyer Intent Marketing today.

Get the guide!

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