What are Sales Cadences and Why Do You Need Them?

Even if you have a stream of fresh, qualified and ready-to-engage leads pouring into your pipeline, if you don’t have a well-planned sequence of touchpoints to connect with your prospects, you are not maximizing your prospecting potential.

What are Sales Cadences?

Sales cadences are your way of diversifying your outreach by connecting with your prospects via a multitude of channels. A cadences is a sequence your sales reps follow to engage your prospects, via emails, phone calls, or social media. 

Why do you need Cadences?

Developing sales cadences help not only your organization but also your sales team to accelerate your conversion and increase profitability.

The purpose of a sales cadence is to schedule your interactions at strategic intervals to maximize the impact of your outreach and engage your prospects at the right time with the right message.

A tailored outreach, with up-to-date information on your prospects’ current stage of the buyer journey, will not only relay your awareness of their exact needs but make them more likely to engage with your organization. 

  1. Consistency

Sales cadences are essential for maintaining consistency between every prospective customer interaction. Following a structured framework can help sales teams speed up their outreach processes and more importantly, regular follow-ups can help you move hot leads across the sales funnel and close deals more effectively. 

Once you have the framework in place, every member of your team can follow the same structure to engage clients. All you need to do is decide how you want to approach your prospects, the number of touchpoints they require, the duration of the cadence, and the most appropriate channels to use.

  1. Focused Effort

An email here and there, a call from time to time is not enough to keep your prospects interested in your brand. These unstructured outreach efforts result in low response rates and in turn, low conversion rates.  

A key to successful sales cadences lies in continuous follow-ups. Due.com suggests that a successful sales cadence consists of 8 to 12 touchpoints and it takes around seven of these interactions to get a prospect’s attention. 

Research has also found that 63% of people requesting information on your company today will not purchase for at least three months, of which 20% will take more than 12 months to buy.

This means you need to keep track of these touchpoints and monitor each prospect’s stage in their buyer journey. With clearly defined rules – sales cadences – you can ensure you will never miss any step or repeat one step twice.

  1. Easily Scalable

Tracking where your prospects are in your sales process gets more and more complicated over time, so setting up a strategic sales cadence can put you in a position to scale up as your business grows.

If every member of your team is following the same structure, you don’t have to worry about different procedures because your sales cadence will be easily explained and adopted by every seller.

Besides making training and hiring easier, having clearly defined sales cadences will help you organize and track where your different prospects are in your sales funnel.

How do you set up a sales cadence?

You can set up sales cadences with Lead Onion to automate how often your leads are contacted, what your message contains, and what methods are used to deliver it, based on reliable, real-time intent data.

Lead Onion Cadences

In the one platform, you can keep track of your touchpoints and monitor each prospect’s stage in their buyer journey. The AI-powered lead generation software allows you to create a framework to find fresh in-market leads daily and instantly connect with them through automated cadences. 

Within the system, you can add people to cadences one by one or in bulk. You can have automated steps in here so you can have an automated email so you have nothing to do, or you can create your own. 

Not only that, but you can mointor performance with full visibility and learn from your success to optimize your cadences going forward.

Lead Onion Cadences

Give your sales team more talk time with your hottest leads

✅ Keep track of your prospect touchpoints

✅ Reduce sales cycles

✅ Set up automated cadences

✅ Connect with leads instantly

Want to learn more about cadences? Download our Ultimate Sales Playbook and Cadence Structure Infographic to help you get started on your cadence journey!


Lead Onion x Growth Genie Sales Playbook

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