Your One-Stop Guide to B2B Buyer Intent Data

If you want to keep ahead of your competitors and keep your finger on the pulse of your ideal customers, you need to think and act like they do, which requires an ability to see into the future.

While we haven’t invented a crystal ball, we do know the kind of engine that can do just that. It’s called buyer intent data and it’s set to revolutionise B2B forever. 

By the end of 2022, more than 70% of B2B marketers will be using third-party intent data to appeal to their prospects and engage buyers across their target companies. 

If you’re unsure what buyer intent is, let’s start at the beginning.

Buyer intent data is information collected on the behaviours and patterns of your ideal prospects who are actively engaging in the buying process and researching a solution in your industry right now. 

When you have customers searching for your product or service, engaging with your marketplace and putting all their energy into finding the solution you have, wouldn’t you want to connect with them?

With Buyer Intent Data, you can. 

Why You Should be using Buyer Intent

According to Forbes, B2B purchasers in the research phase of their buying process will search up to 12 times before engaging with a firm. Every interaction they take leaves behind digital Buyer Intent data and micro-signals, like a breadcrumb trail that lights a pathway through their purchasing research and buyer journey.

With Buyer Intent, you can tap into the journeys of the prospects matched to your ideal customer profile so you can understand the behaviours that signal purchasing-mode and offer you the intel to refine your marketing and sales approach in response. 

The best part? Buyer Intent Data can give you access to a complete contact profile for your prospects, so you can lift the lid on the anonymity of your database.

What makes Buyer Intent so powerful is its ability to shorten your sales cycle, by putting your focus onto the prospects worth spending your time on. You can increase your lead generation, while adopting a process capable of growing an audience without growing resources.

In the Lead Onion Guide to B2B Buyer Intent, you can learn everything there is to know about Buyer Intent, what makes it B2B’s must-have tool and why it’s the future of marketing and sales.

But most important of all, we show how to use Buyer Intent to power your pipeline.

If you don’t know your first-party from your third-party intent or your recency metrics from your ABM data, never fear.

Our free, complete guide to B2B buyer intent data explains the nuts & bolts, benefits, metrics and why it’s more valuable than any other data.

Don’t fall behind in the race to embrace B2B buyer intent. Spearhead it.

Download the Lead Onion B2B Buyer Intent Guide today.

Lead Onion Guide to Buyer Intent


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