Precision Data for Every Step of Demand Generation

Many sales strategies are still based on gut instinct and acumen but there comes a point where a company must start using precise data to drive its decision making. With precision data to direct your prospecting, chasing cold leads and spending endless hours on finding contacts will become a thing of the past.

The increasing access to first, second and even third party data means it is easier than ever to collect valuable information about your target audience. Using precise data for your sales cadences means you can reach the right people in the right place to deliver the right message at the right time.

Lead Onion Cadences

The Right Person

The right person simply implies the persona that the marketing department creates at the beginning of a campaign. This semi-fictitious character includes a set of characteristics that describe your ideal customer. The set consists of different types of data that are combined and results in a precise description which can be used as an active filter to identify the best opportunities for sales in real-time.

With precision data you can monitor your target persona’s buyer journey, looking at where they are getting information from, what platforms they use and what type of content they consume on a regular basis. Having an ideal customer profile complete with all your prospect’s pain points, interests and challenges can help you identify the perfect way to get in touch with them.

The benefit of tracking Buyer Intent is the ability to create a direct line to the prospects in your marketplace who match your customer personas and are in the hunting process for what you’re selling. Buyer Intent data will provide you insight into where your customers are in their buying cycle. The sooner you pinpoint their exact stage, the easier you can target them with specific marketing materials and techniques using the right platforms.

Lead Onion Buyer Intent

The Right Place

The recent shift to digital in every industry means consumers are bombarded with content via multiple devices, on multiple platforms, several times a day.  To ensure your content stands out and grabs their attention, it needs to be highly relevant to their needs. It must be exactly what they are looking for right where they are looking for it.

Through precision data and buyer intent signals you can ensure your message cuts through the noise and reaches your customers on the platforms they use most often, or in the format they are most comfortable with. Lead Onion's Buyer Intent engine tracks several types of intent signals given off by your ideal prospects so you can understand how actively they are engaging with your product or service online.

The Right Message

Because of this content shock, customers are becoming increasingly more selective about the marketing communications they receive and the content they choose to consume. Generic, automated and unwanted messages no longer reach your audiences. Technology allows them to easily block any content they feel is unsolicited.

To effectively generate interest in your product, you need to show them that you know what they are looking for, that you can solve the exact problem they have, or you have content that can help them make up their minds.

Precision data, such as Buyer Intent, shows what stage your prospects or existing customers are in their journeys, and helps you reach the right customers at the right time with the right messaging. Your business can use the collected data and create tailored, relevant content that people want to receive. Personalised messaging in turn makes your target audience more likely to convert in a more efficient, effective, and therefore, more profitable manner.

The Intent Signal tool included in Lead Onion can find prospects based on your specific keywords. The tool is equipped to recognise conversational type intent such as liked posts, comments left on industry forums, shared content, and/or tags, letting you know what they want in real time.

The Right Time

For successful sales cadences, you need to know exactly where in the buyer cycle your prospects are. Where they are in their buyer journey greatly influences the type of communication they need to receive in order to move them along.

Lead Onion includes software that can monitor your prospects' website visits or their research into your product to indicate a surge in interest in your offering long before they engage with your content. With Lead Onion you can automate your sales process and take the hot leads who are surging across multiple sources of intent to create your pipeline.

Lead Onion Surge

Let precise data guide your sales strategy and use Lead Onion to create your pipeline. Set up a sequence of touchpoints with your identified prospects and establish a connection for an engagement or a sale to make sure you reach them at the right time.

With Lead Oniony you get access to: 

  • 400m Business Profiles: Covering everything B2B from small to mid-market to enterprise. Offering complete coverage and 100% compliant B2B data.
  • 50b Content Signals: Monitors Intent Topics and provides additional layers of intent by highlighting high-value content consumption across over 5k sites.
  • 20m Intent Signals: Monitor competitors, keywords, corporate events, job postings & company growth signals.
  • 5k B2B Content Sites: Comprehensive coverage across all the major B2B Content Sites.
  • 55m European Profiles: The leading, strongest European dataset in the industry.
  • 20m Direct Dials: Coverage across Europe and the United States.
  • 4.2m Identified In-Market Accounts: Identify companies who are currently in buying mode.
  • 21k Technologies Mapped: Smarter targeting enabled for smarter prospecting.

Learn more about a data driven sales strategy with our guide! 

 Data Driven Sales

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