5 Ways to Make Your Marketing Memorable

Digitial marketing has made it easier than ever before to reach your target audience.

With social media, email campaigns, and targeted ads, marketers have never had more opportunities to reach so many consumers at once. However, more opportunity also means more competition.

According to We Are Social's 2020 report, the average person now spends as much time online as they do sleeping per day. That means they're seeing dozens of ads across multiple platforms.

So how can your team cut through the noise and stand out? Here are 5 ways to help your marketing stand out in the crowd!

1. Find your brand voice

To stand out from the competition, you need to make it clear what your company is all about. This is something that a lot of people forget about. The USP of your content is you!

Online advertising is a crowded market, so to really stand out you need to use your own voice, the voice of your brand. It is your voice, your style, your expertise, your opinions that help you to stand out.

Write in your voice and if you work with external copywriters, make sure you thoroughly brief them on your style and tone of voice. Use this for email campaigns, social media posts, and blogs!

2. Use More Media

The data shows that people are more likely to engage with an ad when is uses an image or a video. Catch users' attention and make sure to keep it consistent across all platforms.

3. Make it Interactive

Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms have many different post structures your followers can interact with.

Make a poll, ask a question, or start a conversation with clients.

The more people engage with your content, the more likely they are to remember it.

4. Use Accessible Language

It's always good to show you know what you're talking about online, but too much jargon can drive away the casual reader.

Keep it simple, and people will keep reading!

5. Incorporate Buyer Intent Data

The best way to ensure people remember your content? Getting your content in front of the right people.

Buyer Intent data can help your team identify their target personas and show them your material again and again.

Don't waste your valuable ad space showing content to consumers who aren't interested.

Lead Onion Topic IntentLead Onion can help you identify exactly what prospects are interested in.

Engaged with a keyword? Visited your G2 profile? Consumed content from a particualr topic? All these things allow you to personalize your marketing and sales outreach to tailor you content to the needs and interest of that prospect, ultimately increasing the potential of conversion. 

Find out more about buyer intent data from Lead Onion's buyer intent guide, which you can download for free today.

Lead Onion Buyer Intent Guide

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