10 Ways To Get New And Fresh Data Into Your Sales Pipeline

Fill Your Funnel with Leads at Every Layer of Intent

There’s nothing more important than sales when it comes to business success and keeping your pipeline healthy and stacked is crucial – but it’s easier said than done. 

In an ideal world, your pipeline would be flowing with ideal prospects and red-hot leads. In reality, many are stale and often cold, which are two words you never want to be attached to your funnel.

What if we said you could build an effective sales pipeline that has a constant, endless flow of top-grade prospects who are showing intent to buy and match the criteria of your target persona? And where you don’t sell yourself short of your prospecting potential by manually combing the internet for contacts and buying outdated, overpriced data lists?

What you need is Lead Onion. 

We have 10 tools to help you shift the landscape of your leads by filling your sales funnel with quality guaranteed.

Here’s how: 

1. Intent Signals:

Lead Onion Intent

With access to over 20m intent signals, our high-performance engine will research your industry and keep tabs on the prospects who are ready to buy. Search and find social and public data that indicates the purchasing intentions of your target audience. 

2. Topic Intent:

Lead Onion Topic IntentThe Topic Intent tool will compile a list of companies that had a sudden increase of searches into your select topics. This tool can identify organizations that are in the perfect stage to consume your promotional materials. 

3. G2 Intent:

With over 1 million timely reviews from real-time users, G2 is one of the largest software review sites on the market. Our G2 Intent tool will harness the power of this high-tech site by revealing company and contact level data of the people who are actively researching your industry, competitors, or your company profile on G2.

4. Website Intent:

What if there was a way to turn your anonymous website visits into actionable insights? With Lead Onion’s website intent tool, you can. Our Website Intent tool gives you access to an invaluable log of contact info for the people visiting your website by turning anonymous data into actionable leads. You’ll never miss out on a valuable lead again! 

5. Contact Search:

Lead Onion Contact SearchContact Search gives you unprecedented access to over 400m global GDPR and Data Protection compliant B2B profiles. Search and find companies and contacts based on specific firmographic, technographic and persona criteria.

6. Domain Lookup:

Do you have a target customer list? Use our Domain Look Up tool to find contact details for the key decision-makers in those companies, including prospects names and business email addresses. Our Domain Look Up tool is the fastest way to increase your chances of success and to maximize your ROI.

7. LinkedIn Look Up:

Turn your LinkedIn account into a lead generation machine with our LinkedIn Look Up tool. With 675 million monthly users across 30 million companies, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest rolodex of business contacts. Using our LinkedIn Look Up, you can reveal the contact level data of the prospects you’ve already identified as of interest. 

8. Lookalike Search:

Learn from your successes and allow Lead Onion to suggest your next customer. With our lookalike contact search you can upload a “Seed Audience” such as a customer list or deals list. The platform will them automatically generate a contact search based on your current customer list, see how much penetration you have in your Total Addressable Market.

9. Lookalike Intent:

Bridge the gap between sales and marketing by focusing on companies that look like those your sales team have closed in the past AND are showing intent for your products or services. The platform will automatically find companies showing intent who look like your current customers and filter to see companies who are showing similar intent. 

10. Watch List

Upload your key ABM target accounts to seamlessly track and monitor their buyer intent signals in real-time – use intent surge to prioritize in market accounts for your sales team

All well as a streamlined dashboard, the Lead Onion platform is underpinned by a scalable and robust contacts CRM, making it easy to manage, segment and gain vital oversight of your prospects. 

Oh – and one last thing! Did we mention that Lead Onion can seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack?

In short, let us help you run a more efficient and profitable business.

Are you ready to exceed your sales goals?

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Lead Onion 10 Secrets of Buyer Intent

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