How Do Cadences Work for Sales Teams?

Regardless of the number of qualified leads flowing into your sales pipeline, if you don’t have strategic outreach mapped for your sales team to get ready to pounce on your sales opportunities, then the chances of achieving repeatable results at scale are reduced.

Let’s set the scene, you’re working in sales with 100 leads to follow up with daily, and the aim of shooting them across the line and scoring a goal into the won stage of your pipeline.

Some leads preferred channel is LinkedIn, others in email. Some want more information, others have gone cold.

It is a lot to manage and can become admin heavy to ensure none slip through the net.

The answer? Cadences.

What exactly is a cadence?

A cadence is a sequence a sales team follows to engage with prospects, via emails, phone calls, or social media. It is a strategic approach for your sales team’s outreach.

Sales cadences are your way of diversifying your outreach by connecting with your prospects via various channels. Whilst allowing you to create a ‘standard’ of what sales outreach should be, ensuring prospects are recieving high quality, consistent, on brand content and communications regardless of the sales person.

Why should I use cadences?

Developing sales cadences not only helps your organization but also your sales team to accelerate your conversion and increase profitability.

The purpose of a sales cadence is to schedule your interactions at strategic intervals to maximize the impact of your outreach and engage your prospects at the right time with the right message, via the right channels.

A tailored outreach, with up-to-date information on your prospects’ current stage of the buyer journey, will not only relay your awareness of their exact needs but make them more likely to engage with your organization.

Why Lead Onion?

There’s no getting around the fact that sales is a tough business. Survival of the fittest.

Sales teams need a combination of the right tools and the right data in order to succeed, and with Lead Onion you get both. Intent data and cadences, music to your ears no doubt?

Let’s go back to basics. The success of your sales team stems from the quality and recency of your data. Buying lists of data just doesn’t cut it anymore.

With Lead Onion’s intent tools, you can identify companies who are in-market buyers, right now! And provides you with contact level, GDPR compliant data for your target personas within those companies.

Lead Onion Buyer Intent Data

In fact, via 17 sources across 10 different data-driven tools!

  • Intent Signals
  • G2 Intent
  • Website Intent
  • Topic Intent
  • Contact Search
  • LinkedIn Look Up
  • Domain Look Up
  • Lookalike Contact Search
  • Lookalike Intent Audience
  • Watchlist

Using Intent Data helps you identify the needs and interests of your target audience, which in turn leads to better prospects for your team that are more likely to convert into paying customers.

Once the AI-powered lead generation software finds fresh in-market leads daily, what happens next?

Instantly connect with them through automated cadences, determining how often your leads are contacted, what your message contains, and what channels are used to deliver it!

Has a company had a significant increase in consumption of a particular topic, visited your G2 profile or a lead landed on your pricing page? This is the type of data that allows your salespeople to drive targeted and specific conversations with a higher chance of conversion.

Turn your prospects’ digital behaviors into conversations with cadences.

Building Cadences

Creating a tailored, targeted approach to your prospect’s requirements and interests is the key to success.

A one size fits all approach doesn’t work.

Different touchpoints, different channels and different personas all require a different road to follow.

Imagine you are the prospect, think about:

  • What would you want to see from an organization?
  • What would provide you value?
  • What would make you think, ‘Yes, I want a demo from this company!’.
  • What would make one brand stand out from all the noise?

Does it seem like it’s too good to be true you can do ALL of this under one roof (in this case, platform)?

Trust us, it’s true!

Cadences with Lead Onion

Creating a cadence couldn’t be simpler with our step-by-step builder.

Lead Onion Cadence Feature

Say goodbye to complexity and admin-heavy tasks, freeing you up to close the abundance of quality leads!

When building cadences, the key is:

  • Understanding and mapping the touchpoints in the prospect’s path to purchase.
  • How long the cadence will last.
  • Which day in the cadence will the touchpoints be made.
  • Define the different methods of connection for each touch point i.e. a call, an email, a LinkedIn message or voice note.
  • Use Growth Genie tips to improve your messaging.

Perhaps you already subconsciously have a manual process in place for cadences?

Now you can automate it with Lead Onion.

Don’t worry, we aren’t stopping here, we’ve done the hard work for you and worked alongside the cadence connoisseurs at Growth Genie.

Download The Ultimate Sales Playbook and the Cadence Structure Infographic to get started today!

PS, there’s a great webinar in there too!

Lead Onion x Growth Genie Sales Playbook

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