Introducing Lead Onion – Prospecting At Scale using 1st, 2nd and 3rd Party Intent Data


Introducing Lead Onion – the new way to prospect, at scale

We are Lead Onion, a Northern Ireland based start-up company, our mission is to make prospecting at scale a seamless process and more cost effective for our clients. 

You may be wondering where the name Lead Onion comes from, our prospecting methodology is based around the different 'layers' of intent shown by prospective buyers and we have a solution incorporated into our platform for each layer of intent from traditional prospecting via LinkedIn to 1st, 2nd and 3rd party intent signals. 


Our lead generation & automated prospecting tools provide our clients with prospects for every stage of the buyers journey. 

At Lead Onion, we put you firmly in control of the data you receive, after all, nobody knows your business better than you do. You know your 'ideal clients' – allow us to introduce you!

How do we do this? We have five prospecting tools that will fill your sales & marketing funnels. Each tool stands on it's own as a highly capable prospecting feature, the combination of all 5 puts Lead Onion head and shoulders above our competitors in terms of automated prospecting capabilities:


1. LinkenIn Reveal – Turn your LinkedIN profile into a lead generation machine with our clever reveal tool. It allows you to search LinkedIn Sales Navigator for B2B prospects you ideally would like to target, once your search is ready our tool will convert LinkedIN profiles into business emails, telephone numbers and company firmographic data. All this data can be pushed to your CRM or Marketing Automation system. Once the search is set up, it runs automatically, with hundreds of contacts being revealed every day.

Don't take our word for it, see it up and running for yourself. Arrange a demonstration and you will be amazed at how simple the tool is to use and how effective it can be for growing your business and acquiring top of funnel prospects.  


2. Domain Prospector – Turn your ABM prospect list into actionable data with our domain prospector tool.  All we need is the company name, their domain and some persona filters and our tool will then find the contact details for those personas and send back a range of decision makers for you to start to engage with.

Let the tool do the hard work and free up time for your sales team to engage with prospects further down the funnel, rather than wasting hours looking for contact details.


3. Intent Signals – want to know who is talking about products and services in your industry, or which companies are engaging with your competitors? Our buyer intent tool picks up on intent signals from publicly available online data sources to provide you with a daily feed of prospects who are showing 3rd party intent. 

Many other providers of purchase intent data only provide data at the macro company level. Companies do not purchase products and services, people do!

Lead Onion Intent Data is “contact level” intent which means we provide you with the contact details of those individuals within an organisation who are showing intent signals. 

Getting in front of the right decision maker at the right time could not be easier with our Intent Signals. Automatically feed your marketing funnel with prospects who are actively in buying mode. 


4. G2 Reveal – Operationalise G2 Buyer Intent Data using Lead Onion's G2 Reveal tool. What is G2 Buyer Intent Data? G2 is one of the largest software review sites in the market and gets 1,000's of visitors each day of people reviewing and researching software and services products. G2 provide company level intent data to their customers for the purposes of Marketing and Lead Generation. Our G2 Reveal functionality turns that company level data (Name, Website, Pages Visited etc) into actionable contact level data (Business Email, Position, LI profile, Telephone number) so our clients can automatically (or manually) find the right decision makers within those companies showing intent on G2 (2nd party intent signals). 

Increase your return on investment by operationalising your G2 intent data today. 


5. Website visitors – The final 'layer' of the intent onion is your own 1st party intent signals which come from those visiting your own website. Many companies are missing out on valuable leads because anonymous website visitors never complete the forms on their website or are not ready to engage directly. Our website visitor tracking identifies which companies are visiting your site through our reverse IP lookup and our website reveal allows you to find the right decision makers automatically (or manually) to feed those prospects directly to the bottom of your marketing funnel or direct to your sales CRM. 

Never miss another opportunity with Lead Onion. 


Where does the data come from?

All of our data is sourced from either publicly available resources or through partnerships with reputable data providers. Our data is checked for accuracy at the point of delivery so you can be sure the prospects you feed into your marketing and sales teams are actionable. 

Lead Onion is uniquely the only platform to combine the ability to cold prospect with the ability to track intent from 1st, 2nd and 3rd party sources as prospects move through the buying process.

Use our scoring system to decide when to send leads directly to your marketing or sales funnels. 

Centralise all your data and prospecting with Lead Onion and save time effort and money as you do so. 

Ready to see it in action? Sign up for a demo now and we will run a sample campaign with you, no obligation, what have you got to lose? 

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