Is This The Easiest Way To Qualify Your Sales Leads?

Qualifying Sales Leads: Here’s How To Do It Seamlessly & Effectively

When it comes to lead generation, marketers need to stay on top of their game in finding the most effective ways of identifying quality leads, and to identify quality you need one thing: a qualifying process.

Without measured checkpoints in place, you’re failing to set the bar on the standard of leads pouring into your funnel. If you don’t have a system which makes vetting leads swift and efficient, then sales are wasting time on unfiltered leads – and your funnel is filled with unqualified, low-quality ones as a result.

First Class Quality = Super Fast Sales

Your sales team’s first contact with your leads should never be the first point of qualifying them. As marketers, it’s your job to weed out the non-leads from the word “go”. If you aren’t, then you’re slowing down the speed of conversion, reducing profit made and lessening the overall quality of your marketing pipeline.

From a marketing perspective, it’s your job to find the leads who have the highest intent to buy, so once they arrive at the top of your funnel, they’re ready to be plucked by the well-timed pitch of an on-point product. 

In doing that, you’re making the route to sales a streamlined one-way system with a higher guarantee of success. 

Buyer Intent Is The Golden Ticket

As soon as the proverbial doors of your funnel is open, the first question is usually “who are our leads?” but what you should be asking is “what leads are our priority?” When you put this at the fore of your planning, your team is then focused – first and foremost – on the leads closest to a sale.

How do you scope out intent? With Lead Onion.

Our tools offer first class account intelligence so you can take action on the leads who are the most likely to buy. In return, you can deliver stronger intel straight to your sales team.

Enhance Your Data, Improve Your Process, Speed Up Your Sales

How we gather account intelligence is the secret sauce of qualifying your leads and making profit faster. 

Our Buyer Intent tools put their robotic ears to the ground to listen for the activity of your hottest leads, so you’re better equipped to rank accounts by their intent.

1. Competitive Engagement

Lead Onion has the power to pick up on any prospects who are engaging with competitors social accounts or public feeds. We can then feed a list of these contacts straight into your databases so you can take action.

2. Keywords

If someone is talking about your product online, posting about it or engaging in conversational keywords relating to your services, our Buyer Intent tools will deliver these contacts straight into your lap.

3. Who’s Hiring & Where

Do you want to know the companies who are growing their departments and hiring for specific roles? Keep your eyes on top-dog companies, so you can make contact swiftly with the right people.

4. Trade Shows

Trade shows are a hotbed of potential contact-making, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can attend every one. Using our software, you can. We’re able to locate the contacts of those engaging with trade shows online and those attending the events in person, so you can feed these leads straight into your marketing campaigns. 

Our intent signals do the leads qualifying process for you, so by the time your leads have made their way into your funnel and reached your sales team, they’re of a high-quality standard. Consider your bar – raised. 

Learn more about Buyer Intent with our ultimate guide. 

Lead Onion Guide to Buyer Intent

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