Get Ahead Of Your Competition With This Easy Step

The Easy Way To Get The Competitive Edge In Sales

Let’s be honest. Every business strives to gain the edge over their competition. 

But in today’s super competitive (and global!) market, it’s becoming increasingly harder. 

Your sales team obviously wants more opportunities to sell. But your customers are savvier than ever.

They conduct a lot of research, often online, before committing to buy – and just one quick Google search means they can easily compare you with your competition. 

To get ahead, your business needs to adapt and work harder to get that competitive edge. The key question: how do you do it? 

The good news is we have the answer. With Lead Onion, we’ve built the toolkit you need to help you outperform your peers. 

The Power Of Intelligent Data 

Data. It’s the hottest B2B buzzword right now, and for good reason.

It’s a critical component in your sales process and the chances are you aren’t doing enough with it.

Collecting data usually isn’t that difficult, but making sure you’re collecting the right data and analyzing it properly? That can be the tricky bit. 

From contact forms to internet research, many sales teams are still spending an endless number of hours prospecting, and failing at it.

With Lead Onion, our smart and intent-driven prospecting tools do the hard work for you.

Stop wasting your time on unproductive prospecting and start maximising your sales! Let us explain. 

There’s data and then there’s Buyer Intent data. 

Imagine being able to see your customers in their buying cycle when they’re actively researching you or a product that you offer. Buyer Intent data gives you that power. It determines a purchase intent signal from the activity of your prospects online. In the simplest of terms – it’s everything that a prospect does long before they visit your site and submit their details.

With all this information in front of you, your sales team can capture new insights about prospect behavior and optimise their efforts to turn them into customers – giving you a big advantage over your competitors. 

How Does It Work? 

Every day, millions of people move around the web leaving behind a digital footprint.

Visiting websites, downloading lead generation content, leaving product reviews, visiting competitor websites.

Buyer Intent data includes all the little hints a prospect drops when they’re interested in your business or product (or the product of a competitor!). 

Lead Onion’s software mines the entirety of the internet, not just your own website, and analyses your prospect Buyer Intent data, compiling dashboards brimming full of quality leads for every stage of your sales pipeline. 

Put simply, we give you a real lead. 

GDPR line on where data comes from? Is this necessary here?

The Future of B2B Lead Generation

If you want a competitive edge to stay ahead of the pack, Lead Onion is the must-have addition to your sales and marketing stack. 

The buyer journey is complicated, so let Lead Onion’s artificial intelligence technology make it easier by doing the hard work for you. 

Generate a consistent stream of highly qualified leads, optimise your sales efforts, close more deals and gain competitive advantage today. 

See the power of harnessing Buyer Intent data with Lead Onion. 

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