Make It Easier For Your Sales Team To Sell More

Sales Team Wasting Time Researching? Here’s How To Give Them More Time To Sell

Your sales team exists for one simple reason – to generate revenue. We all know efficient sales processes are the key to effective sales. It sounds quite simple, right? 

Yet more often than not, the sales pipeline gets clogged up with outdated and cold leads, and inefficient processes creep in.

Your sales pipeline is a hefty contributor to the growth of your business, so how do you stop it from getting clunky and ineffective? 

The answer? Lead Onion. 

One Word: Data 

Data remains the foundation of your sales prospecting strategy. The higher quality of data that you have, the easier it is for your team to sell. Shame it’s not always as easy as it sounds. 

Collecting data can be an extremely laborious and gruelling process, and we hate to break it to you, but your sales team are not researchers, they’re sellers. 

It’s no good having your vital team members wasting hours on end gathering tons of information, trying to correlate it, and hoping to strike lucky and hit the jackpot with only a few quality leads they’ve managed to pull together from a lot of odds and ends of information.

Times have changed. Stop wasting your efforts on mismatched prospects and expired outreach methods that are cluttering your pipeline. 

What if you could find qualified data, that gave you more useful information than ever before? 

What if you knew exactly who these people are, and that they are already looking for your products or services? 

You can, by bringing Lead Onion’s buyer-intent software into your sales process. 

Cut Out The Guesswork 

We know how it goes. Sales teams are constantly getting pushed to generate more leads, achieve higher conversion rates, and ultimately close more deals to bring in greater revenue, faster. It’s true, sales can be a tough gig. 

Say goodbye to the tactics you’re using that are too hard to scale and that aren’t performing how you need them to. It’s time to apply intent-driven data to your sales efforts. 

Buyer intent data indicates a purchase intent signal from the activity a person conducts online. In the simplest terms, it’s everything that a prospect does long before they visit your website that indicates they’re in the market for your goods or services. 

Imagine having all of this useful information right in front of you. Imagine the prospecting possibilities! 

By using Lead Onion’s reveal tools we give you that power. 

From our Look Up Tools to our G2 Intent Solution, you’ll no longer be flying blind when it comes to identifying and targeting the right prospects at the right time.

Lead Onion SurgeLead Onion cuts out the guesswork and gives you an accurate way to determine who is ready to buy with our surge feature, ensuring that your sales team can concentrate on only the hottest leads to close the deal FAST!

Ready to save time when it comes to research and outreach? 

Ready to only receive leads that are highly qualified and actively looking to buy? 

Ready to convert at a higher rate? 

Optimize your sales pipeline from initial lead to sale close with Lead Onion. 

Learn more about Buyer Intent today! 

Lead Onion Buyer Intent Guide

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